Chef and owner will write his own sarcastic thing here soon. possibly later..... meanwhile the 14 year old snuck in and wrote something. This is not me in the third person... this time.

But in the meanwhile chef Pat Langst is a local Petaluma chef and baker who enjoys making food and sarcastic jokes. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in '93, before being GF was trendy, and since GF is honestly not as good most of the time, he had to make due by making up his own food. Due to having children he has experience with cooking classes and picky eaters, I mean if a 6 year old will eat something that a teenager will also eat, it has to be good. He has been making food for people since (just) after the dinosaurs went extint. He teaches enrichment classes and summer camps, which are a blast! So yeah, that's a pretty chock full resume for a bag of granola.

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