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All of our products are packaged in compostable bags. Yes, even the cellophane bags are compostable!

Plain Ol' Granola

A high quality no nonsense gluten free granola made with organic oats, organic real maple syrup, pecans, almonds, coconut, brown sugar, light olive oil and flax meal. I am not going to try to make everybody happy by trying to do 50 different versions. Make yourself happy by putting your own damn fruit or whatever in it! Yes it is also vegan.

Available! $10 lb. Custom $14 (2lb. Min.)

Stachios N' Cardamom

Another high quality gluten free granola made with organic oats, organic maple syrup, pistachios, almonds, coconut, brown sugar, light olive oil and the finest fresh ground organic cardamom from Sonoma Spice Queen.

Available! $12 lb.

One To One Gluten Free Baking Mix

After many years of development I believe I have come up with the closest to perfect one to one gluten free mix using superfine, organic (where I can) neutral flours. It is perfect for breads, cakes, pie crusts, pizza crusts and even eclairs! SF white rice flour, SF brown rice flour, sweet rice flour, tapioca flour, sorghum flour.

Available! $9 24oz.

Jumbo Cup Bup Cakes

Named after my 6 year olds booming pretend business there are several flavors, but the Gf triple chocolate and Gf Meyer Lemon are so good they are illegal in three counties.

Available! $6@ One Dozen-$5@

Cup Bup Scones

Gf Scones such as Black Mission Fig/Lemon, Tart Cherry/Orange, Chocolate Truffle/Caramel, and whatever devious flavors are thought of.

Available! $4@ / 6-$20 / 12-$35

Das Belgian Waffles

There's a new waffle in town. They are home made, gluten free and delicious! enjoyed by my family for many years. Not too sweet, they can be enjoyed by themselves or used in a savory application

Available! $5 for 2


C.B. Swirly

Extra dark 68% chocolate chips and rich cocoa powder and a touch of buttermilk are mixed into this rich moist hard to resist gf cookie.

Available! $4@

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Unique gluten free products now available for local Petaluma delivery.

Chocolate and Meyer Lemon Cupcakes. Seasonal fruit gf scones, cookies, and the chance to order your own custom flavors. Personalized granola such as nut free is available.